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What Is Lent?

For some Christians, Lent is a regular part of their yearly experience on the calendar, the 40 days before Easter, a time to ‘give up something for Lent’, a time of reflection, recommitment, and repentance. The six weeks begins for them on Ash Wednesday.

For other Christians, it’s what ‘some’ Christians do but the season has not been part of their experience as a believer.

Here at Hillside Church we are observing Lent with our continuing look at being a 4D church: Inward, Upward, Outward, and Onward–with an emphasis on INWARD. We are meeting Wednesdays during the Lenten season to join for a look at how prayer and seeking God can bring change, transformation. But also how it brings us together as a church. (time: Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 p.m.)

Here are a some resources for you:

Wilmore Free Methodist Church – The Season of Lent
Bible Gateway – What Is the Meaning of Lent?
Dayspring – A Journey of 40 Days: Observing Lent 


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