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True Worship: Reveal and Reflect

(message begins 28:00)    Isaiah 58:2-10
Worship – what do you think of when you hear or see the word? Music? Music, praise teams, as part of church services has become the norm in only the past 50 years. Our culture defines good worship as  good music. A good experience of worship wraps itself around personal, self-pleasing experiences. Music impacts what the self wants. Good music can sneak in bad theology. What has God told us about worship?  “Whatever you do, even the ones the LORD commands, must still follow this one fundamental truth–Whatever you do, do it to glorify God.” Worship is revealing His nature. Worship is reflecting His nature. Ask this: When I get up each day, ‘Lord, how will I worship You today?”  Do you act like you trust Him. Trust is an act of worship. Then, being trustworthy, reflecting His nature, is an act of worship.


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