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Seeking the Lord’s Help

Telling the story: 21-day Challenge:  Seeking the Lord’s Help. This can be any person’s challenge. We all seek the Lord in our own way. You can be struggling with being away from family you love. You can be longing for healing of a good friend, a dear brother or sister, or yourself. You can be in a really hard place in your work, with making ends meet, going through relationship struggles. All of us can uniquely challenge ourselves to seek the Lord specifically, daily, in every situation in our lives. Do you have someone pouring into your life, praying alongside of you, knowing your desire to lean into God’s touch? Build relationships with those who have found peace and trust the Lord. Let them feed into you. Seek Him when you desperately need Him but yes, seek Him when you are in a place of joy. Let nothing hold you back from fervently seeking the One Who Is Always There.


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