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Onward: Becoming a People Seeking Perpetual Pentecost

(Acts 1-2)

1,997 years ago a very powerful historical event took place. The beginning of Christ’s Church on earth with the outpouring of God, the Holy Spirit on those who were waiting for God to act 50 days after Christ returning to His heavenly home. We call this day Pentecost. God created attention. He made a proclamation. This is what God is continuing to do through today and into the future: bringing full salvation to the lost. The heart, and body, and soul are restored, renewed, saved. The disciples waited. Waiting is not passive. Waiting is very assertive action. Moving Onward. Refuse to say “I won’t”or “I can’t”.  Destroy the attitudes of don’t or can’t when God asks us to do anything. God knows if we are holding back. He knows if our heart says “I will do ANYTHING, except that.” We live in a world of excuses, a world of justifying our reasons for “we can’t”.


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