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Inward: The Grand Chiasm

(message begins 31:00)

Faith and beleif are cousins, but not identical. Do you struggle with believing? Believing in God’s care for me? In His provision? His guidance? His forgiveness? A lot of believing Christians are working out these truths deep down in the personal heart. Can God really change me? In our world today it’s all about evidence, intellectual proofs. That’s all in our mind. But…believing involves more: your will, passion, emotions, experiences, your spirit. It involves the whole person.
A spiritual experience is needed with the attitude to follow our teacher, Jesus. And Jesus leads us there with His parables.  He often taught with the story method of chaism–words or phrases or circumstances are criss-crossed, reversed.
This parable (Luke 16: 19-31) teaches with reversal. And it teaches us God’s heart.
To believe the heart of God is His Grace – walk with Jesus and His teaching us this Great Reversal–Broken to Whole, Crooked to Straight, Fearful to Bold, Rejected to Loved. To reverse everything that has gone right. To reverse people going in the wrong direction.

Our spirits have to be made alive to believe what God says or Who He Is.”   Pastor Newton


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