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Inward: He is Inviting Us

(this video is the full worship service; just the message from Pastor Doug, Advent One, can be found here.)

Incarnation means God in human flesh. Immanuel means God with us. Jesus came to reveal who God truly is. He is offering each of us love and joy and hope, and peace. These gifts of ‘best feelings’ are all encompassed in the word PEACE. Peace that is real and deep, not the world’s version of peace, but peace that truly sticks to you. Christ, Immanuel invites Himself to be in your life. He knocks at your door in hopes that you will open it to have fellowship with Him. That’s why He came. Our culture has been lying to us. We’ve been lied to about the past. It is hard to accept what the Bible says. Still, He comes and invites you to believe. And when you do it will make all the difference in your world.


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