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Choosing or Wandering?

John 12:1-13   Human choice is huge in a relationship with Christ. Some are wandering and yet not choosing.  When Jesus entered Jerusalem crowds of people were welcoming Him as a King praising Him. And that same crowd just a few days later were shouting, “Crucify Him!” They were wandering looking for a King, not seeing Him as their Savior.  Wanderers expect to be owed, that a relationship goes their way, blaming the other when it doesn’t. Wanderers expect answers to be their answers. When wandering becomes choosing, everything changes. It’s about truly hearing, accepting God’s Truth as real. Calling God, “Lord!” It’s about honoring Him.  Honoring Him changes the way we act. The way we respond to those around us. Are you ready to end the wandering? The worry? The lack of trust? If so, choose all, and only for His glory.


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