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(sermon starts at 27:00)

The ascension of Christ–wonder why it doesn’t take up more of our thinking about what we believe? Jesus tells His disciples what will happen soon. Luke 24:44-53. And He promised all believers that He would be with us always. Matthew 28:20. But have we really grasped what that means? Let’s use the letters from ASCEND to learn more

A His Atonement seals our forgiveness forever. It leads to healing. Christ is our ultimate High Priest.

S Jesus is Seated on the right hand of God–a sign of raw power. He is the exalted one and the Father’s equal.

C Christ is Co-Regent and will Rule. Has He practical regency (rule) in your life?

E Hi reign is Eternal and has built an eternal home for His believers. Focus on the Eternal. Eternity is about having a relationship with God always.

N The Lord is Near. This magnified, exalted One is very, very near. There is a very thin place between here and heaven.

D What led to Christ being exalted? He Descended. He humbled Himself to make all of Eternity possible for us.


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