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One of the ways someone gets to know Hillside Church is through the people who come through our doors. When you visit or decide to stay a while you will discover you are welcome, and people care about you. Hillside’s people are young and old, couples and families who are from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Jenny has been a ‘regular’ at Hillside for as long as one can remember. We’ve watched her growing up over the years into a beautiful young lady. She tells being a part of Hillside in her story:


May 10, 2016

When I came to Hillside Free Methodist Church in June 1999, I was 8 years old. I have been with my family at Hillside for 18 years. I remember going to Vacation Bible School. They were a lot of fun. There were lots of bible stories, games, and crafts.

Throughout my years at Hillside I had Phyllis Holdeman, Sally Speredes, Kerrie Adams, Pastor Mark Adams, and Mr. Lueptow as my Sunday School teachers. I helped my parents with the refugee ministry.

In December 2002, my brother Chris and I were baptized. Both my grandparents were there. I helped my mom in Children’s Church. What is helping my faith in God up to today is to keep your faith in God in good or bad times; always hope for good outcomes, and to obey his commands. Also knowing God forgives your sins, but you have to try not to sin.

Pastor Pat is kind, funny, and caring. I enjoy the stories he tells sometimes during his sermons. He always has a smile on his face which always make me smile and be full of joy.

Sincerely, Jennifer

Meet some of our good friends as they tell their stories.

Brad White, musician/guitarist, praise team member, and a friend of Hillside , shared his faith  story and testimony during worshiping with us (listen to podcast below) .  His video, I’m Alive, Only God, can be found on here:   Your Journey

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Gerald Hamilton.Still001

Drummer feels called to use his musical gifts

When the economy tanked in the late 2000s, Gerald Hamilton, who worked in sales, hit some rough times. Gerald’s faith in God and support from the Hillside Free Methodist Church community allowed him to see the glass half full when others in his industry could not. Find out how Gerald’s desire to use his musical talent led him to Hillside Church.

Linnette Gibson .Still001

A patron of the food pantry joins Hillside Church

When Linnette lost her job, she became a patron of the Hillside Food Pantry and was impressed by the kindness of the volunteers. It wasn’t long before Linnette became a volunteer as well. Find out how Linnette’s connection to the food pantry led to her becoming an enthusiastic member of Hillside Church.

Merrylee and Breanna.Still001

A family’s commitment to Hillside Church spans the generations

When Merrylee’s husband passed away she looked to her former church for prayer and support, but she didn’t find it. Her daughter began attending a youth group at Hillside Free Methodist Church. When her daughter was sick for a couple of weeks the former pastor of Hillside Church came to visit and to pray. Merrylee was so touched by the pastor’s concern and care that she began attending the church. Now, more than 10 years later, Merrylee and her granddaughter Breanna Butkus explain what keeps them coming back to Hillside Church.

Shara and Aaron Frankenfeld.Still002

A service-oriented couple shares two distinct faith journeys

Shara and Aaron view church as a venue to serve the body of Christ. From Shara’s support of missionaries to Aaron’s role teaching the weekly adult Sunday school, this couple is committed to service at Hillside Free Methodist Church. Watch as Shara and Aaron describe unique journeys of faith.

Sylvia Speredes .Still001


A long-time Hillside Church member has grown spiritually

Sylvia (known as Sally to Hillsiders)  began attending Hillside Free Methodist Church as a new Christian 42 years ago. Members of the church community recognized that her teaching background would translate well into leadership roles. Sally initially doubted that she was ready, but soon she thrived as a leader and grew as a Christian along the way. Listen in as she reflects on how being part of Hillside Church helped her through challenging seasons of her life.

Lars Adams.Still001

Dedicated churchgoer says the food pantry comes from a place of love

Lars grew up attending Hillside Free Methodist Church. He lived across the street and his father used to be the pastor. Now, as Lars has children of his own, he chooses to travel nearly an hour to Hillside Church because of the genuine people and the congregation’s focus on social issues. Listen to Lars talk about the evolution of the Hillside Food Pantry.

Faith and Mike Albano .Still001

A couple uses God-given gifts in ministries at Hillside Church

For Faith and Mike church is meant to be far more than a social club. Over the years at Hillside Free Methodist Church, they have been involved in many different ministries and even began the Hillside Food Pantry in their home. Watch as Faith and Mike talk about what keeps them coming back to Hillside Church.

Lois Householder and Susan Jensen .Still001

Sisters find support from the church community

Lois had been attending Hillside Free Methodist Church for many years when her car was totaled in an accident. She was unable to drive, so her sister Susan drove her to church. Susan was reluctant to go in. Finally, she decided that she did not want to sit out in the parking lot and decided to see what her sister’s church was all about. That was a couple of years ago and Susan has been attending ever since. Learn how these faithful sisters find strength from God and the church community to cope during difficult times.