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We celebrated our 7th year with a thank you dinner Saturday, May 14. What a joy to gather together to share our pantry experiences and rejoice in what God is doing in and through our “community of people helping people.”  This year we honored Potash Corp, St. Athanasius Parish’s School, and St. Vincent de Paul Society.  We have been blessed to have the support of so many people, churches, schools, businesses and community groups.

Annual Hunger Walk – 2016

Thank you to everyone who supported and was a part of our 2016 Hillside Food Pantry Hunger Walk Team!! We’ve raised $5,882 and earned $1,250 (the maximum available) in matching funds.  We also received $12 for each of the 39 people who walked with us or on our behalf who we know about.   Altogether, all of this amounts to $7,600 raised!!


Why We Do What We Do!

Hillside Food Pantry began as an outreach ministry committed to showing the love of God in a meaningful way by distributing “rescued food” to people in need.  It also provided an opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together for a common purpose and help make our community a better place for all of us.

What didn’t anticipate was how our simple commitment to treat our patrons with dignity and respect and make coming to a food pantry as stress-free as possible set such a caring and friendly tone that we have become a “community of people helping people.”  Smiles and hugs are freely given and received, and we see that “It’s about more than just the food.”

We are gratified by how many individuals, groups, churches, synagogues, businesses and community organizations have come alongside us to be a part of it all.  It is more than we ever hoped and we feel truly blessed by all that God has allowed us to accomplish together.

Being hungry makes getting through the day much harder.

  • *One in six people in Cook County receives food from a soup kitchen, food pantry, or meal plan.
  • *Annually 46 million people in the United States (1 in 7) receive emergency food *assistance through Feeding America’s network of 200 food banks.
  • *12 million children and 7 million older adults receive food assistance annually in the U.S.
  • *18% of households receiving food assistance from the Food Depository network include at least one member who has served or who is currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • *The Food Depository network serves nearly 165,000 children through grocery and meal programs, and this doesn’t even include the meals served through the Depository’s children’s programs, which have totaled over 2 million meals in each of the last 3 fiscal years.
  • *The Food Depository network of agencies serves over 125,000 adults aged 60 and over, representing more than 18% of total clients served in grocery and meal programs.

We continue to need volunteers!

If you are able to spare some time, whether once a week, a couple times a month or even once a month, or if you are already volunteering and want to add more time or make a change, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Susan Gottlieb.

Please bring donations! Review these lists and help us with your food or supplies donations. Thank you! You can donate on-line at the Pantry web-site (, or send or bring a check payable to Hillside Food Pantry (2727 Crawford Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201).

Food Donations

Disposable Supply Donations

Learn More! Click play to watch the video below to see a national feature on Hillside Food Pantry.