Every Week

Sunday Worship 10:45 am

Discovery Zone 10:45 am (Kindergarten through 5th grades)

Wednesday’s – 10 am  Hillside Prayer Warriors Prayer Meeting – there is a “Prayer Request” form outside the sanctuary on the table under the TV monitor. If you have a prayer request please complete the form and place it in the offering plate or in the designated basket on the table. Our prayer team will lift up your needs on Wednesday’s. You can also contact Sally Speredes (sylvia.speredes@att.net) with your prayer request.

Sermon Series: The Apostles’ Creed  

Ash Wednesday, February 14     6:30-7:30 pm  Ash Wednesday Soup and Bread Meal

Ash Wednesday, February 14     7:30-8:30 pm  Ash Wednesday Worship Service

Wednesdays in the Word     7-8:30 pm  Coming Soon!

Wednesday,  7-8:30 pm – Our Bible study from February 21- March 28 we will take a look at the book/movie The Shack.

Small Groups 2018    

Men’s Group 7-8:30 p.m. 

Sisters in Christ  7-8:30 p.m. 

Thursday, February 22   Lit Lovers,  7:00-8:30 p.m.

Bible Studies 2018

Sermon Series – The Apostles Creed

Sunday Morning Study with the Frankenfelds  – Lenten Bible Study

Wednesdays in the Word – February 21-March 28, The Shack 

Book study for Sisters in Christ  – The Sacred Echo