Our church community is always at the ready to pitch in when a fellow member needs support and help. The willingness to offer aid to each other is integral in our interaction. Hillside leaders keep in tune with members’ needs continually. So, when …

a family is moving,

a widow doesn’t know who to call when home repair is needed,

a young single needs a ride,

or a family struggles with a medical crisis,

there always is someone there to offer support, suggested resources, and a helping hand.  Those in our midst who are challenged with illness or injury or advanced age can often feel isolated and out of touch with our church community. Spending time with them with regular visits and phone calls helps them know they are not forgotten by our church family. We have some very dear ‘visiting angels’ who show great love towards those who can no longer physically join in worship and fellowship.


The Hillside Food Pantry opened its doors in May of 2009, and after just a few years built two large additions to accommodate the need for more space. We now provide healthy food to almost 8,000 people a month.  The director and administrator of food rescue team up with a volunteer coordinator who schedule and manage over 100 volunteers to help during our weekly distributions. These faithful volunteers may work once a week or every day! They are assigned to different jobs that help the pantry run smoothly and with lots of love.

Our volunteers:

pick up rescued food from partner grocery stores (and a farmers’ market during the growing season)

stock, bag, and sort rescued food,  getting it ready for our patrons

welcome, greet, and check in patrons twice a week (distribution days)

fill a bag with fresh, healthy, delicious food

Hillside Food Pantry is a light that shines hope to many people who are in need of food offered with love and respect.

Hillside provides a ministry of presence to the lives of those who are fighting cancer through Our Journey of Hope small group training. This training teaches volunteers to offer practical support, courage, compassion, and hope to anyone in our community affected by cancer. We presently have five trained volunteers.

A Journey of Hope Volunteer  will:

come to you and say words that no one else has said

leave you with courage, strength, dignity and hope for the future

do things that no one else has done

offer you God’s plan through it all


As a church community and part of the Free Methodist Church USA, Hillside will  join with other churches and faith-based groups to provide affordable, authorized legal services for immigrants. The Immigration Alliance* will offer training and coordination of our efforts to ensure quality and consistency, as well as the sharing of resources. The Free Methodist Church USA will provide internships and help Hillside achieve accreditation with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Jesus commands us to make disciples of every nation. With immigration every nation is coming to our country.

Services to immigrants will include:

low-cost legal counsel on immigration-related matters

assistance in preparing applications for legal immigration status

support to determine eligibility to apply for employment authorization

assist in reuniting families

Jesus commands us to make disciples of every nation. With immigration every nation is coming to our country.

*The Immigration Alliance represents 17 church-based organizations and 30,000 churches.