Latest Events at Hillside

Here at Hillside we offer a variety of study and fellowship opportunities, as well as community service possibilities for adults to learn and grow within our church. Click through each section below to learn more.

Studying what God is saying in His Word is becoming a growing part of the learning and growth for the adult community of Hillside Church. A variety of opportunities for this growth are available.

Bible Study

Sunday High School and Adult Education (Sundays, 9:30-10:30 a.m.)

Join us starting April 8 for the next 7 weeks with Aaron and Shara Frankenfeld at 9:30 am. We will be diving into Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, paying particular attention to Paul’s expectations for the nature of church community.  Insight, great questions, and sometimes donuts!

Wednesdays in the Word with Pastor Maiya  (7-8:30 PM)

Connecting Scripture to our World:  Weekly topics about what God’s Word teaches us when we have questions.   April 4 – Rain: Where is God when it really hurts?  April 11 – Trees: How is our faith relevant today and forever?   April 18 – Noise: Is there a connection between how much noise there is in our lives and how well we can hear God’s voice?  April 25 – Kickball:  Do we trust God knows what’s better for us whe we don’t have or get what we want?

Contact our Church Administrator for the latest info about this class.  See you there! Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Men’s Group 1st and 3rd Thursdays (7-8:30 PM)

This group is open to all men. We will meet in the upstairs meeting room at the back of the sanctuary. New members are always welcome and can join us at any time. See Pastor Pat for more information.


Women’s Evening Study (Sisters in Christ) 1st and 3rd Thursdays (7-8:30 PM)

Sisters will begin this year’s new study The Sacred Echo using a book authored by Margaret Feinberg beginning October 19. Come join in and learn more about how our God is seeking to reach you. “When God really wants to get your attention, he doesn’t just say something once. He echoes. He speaks through a Sunday sermon, a chance conversation with a friend the next day, even a random email. The same theme, idea, impression, or lesson will repeat itself in surprising and unexpected ways until you realize that maybe, just maybe, God is at work.”  Books have been ordered!

Meaningful fellowship and learning with women who seek understanding through God’s Word. The group is open to all women. New members are always welcome and can join us at any time. Contact Suzanne Goff for the details.

Visitors often say that Hillside is a friendly church. Fellowship with each other is a huge part of our way of making connections with each other.

  • Hillside Lit Lovers – a book club venue for those who love to read
  • Annual fellowship events: Christmas/New Year’s Dinner, our Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Potluck Breakfast; Pastor Appreciation Dinner, Ash Wednesday Soup Meal, and other events that bring us together throughout the year.
  • Monthly, get-to-know-you, gatherings at the parsonage: Pasta with the Pastors, Chili with the Clergy, and more!

Hillside has for years had a reputation of working hard to serve others. Building projects, repairs, quarterly grounds clean up, being a part of our praise and worship team, helping at fellowship dinners, serving in areas of expertise (finance, technology, and public relations), and our food pantry have continued to reveal the heart of Hillside Church and those who want to serve God through service to others.

Visit our Food Pantry Site