Spiritual Disciplines: Worship That Really Works

Exodus 20 Worship is not what we do. Worship is what is in us and what happens to us as we worship. Most of our life isn’t real. All that is happening around you one day will be nothing. The relationship you have with the God who created you and redeemed you, that relationship will be with you for all eternity. That is what is real. Is worship just coming in, sitting, listening for a while and then leaving? True worship expects God to show up. And it changes you. Expect that He will do something in your life when you come to worship. Worship as a discipline leads to confession; it leads to action. It leads to obedience. He’s told us something that effects our relationship with Him. Practice worship daily in your life with the expectation of meeting God. The real question is: What kind of worship does God require of me? Time with God that is: wholehearted and all in.

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