Tweets from Jesus: Gaining the Whole World

Mark 8:31-38 Denying yourself means setting the right priorities. It is an attitude of what’s important in your life. Having the mind of God first is the goal. The spiritual, the things of God, are what is lasting and eternal; the things of the world are temporary. Denying yourself is all about realizing that you are not the center of the world; it is not about you. Is the way you are living worth it in the context of eternity? There is nothing lasting about power. Money never satisfies at the end. King Solomon had absolutely everything and called it all meaningless. And if you have power or money, how did you gain them? Are they worth it in light of eternity and our relationship with Christ? The condition of your soul and your relationship with Christ are everything in God’s eyes. In what or in whom are you putting your efforts? God thinks that you—your soul is worth everything, it is worth the life of His Son. It is a hard walk to stay close, to stop the sin, to stay faithful. It’s an every day effort—staying in the Word, being in conversation with God, turning from past pleasures. Every moment, every day. It’s hard. We fall and stumble, but there is always a way to get back on track. Pray, repent, allow the Spirit to change your heart.

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