Tweets from Jesus: Doing what YOU Want to Do

Mark 7:1-23 The religious leaders added traditions and rules to keep the people from breaking God’s commands. What started as good and helpful degraded into narrow-minded ugliness. Man-made laws can be very good; they can become very distorted adding to the brokenness of humanity. “You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!” Jesus confronted the hypocrisy of the rules and traditions of these arrogant leaders—talking one way but living another. What traditions are truly helping in our spiritual lives? Love cares about others; sin cares only about self. Rid yourself of critical, arrogant thinking. Our culture has gone overboard with our righteous anger, speaking one’s mind, telling others off just because you don’t like something they are doing. Don’t fall into the hypocrisy trap! Have the spirit of Christ, filled with grace and respect.

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