The Touch of Jesus: When God Scares Us

Matthew 17:7 Touch can change everything. Jesus’ touch remarkably changed lives. He wants to touch our lives to turn us around, anew our lives. This story of Christ’s Transfiguration reveals God’s heart for His Son. It reveals what God wants Peter to know: follow My Son—listen to Him. He wants him to get it right. The disciples are overwhelmed with fear. And what does Jesus do? He touches them; He says, “It’s alright. It’s OK. Get up. I’m here.” He wants us to get it right too. Don’t miss the true nature of Christ! He’s not just a great teacher or your own personal genie—He is God’s Son! Are you ready to get up and let Christ to touch you, change you, heal you? Let your testimony be this: I was afraid, and then the Almighty, Awesome God touched me.

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