The Touch of Jesus: Ten Minute Walk

Luke 7: 1-16 Before Jesus walks to the small town of Nain, He has healed a centurion’s servant from a distance, healed a woman of her horrible long term bleeding, and raised a temple ruler’s young daughter from death. A large crowd was following Him because of these amazing, wonderful healings. They were upbeat, joyful, celebrating these great miracles. Another crowd met them along the road—sorrowful, mourning, heartbroken. They were with a poor widow who was on her way to bury her only son. There’s nothing but hopelessness surrounding her. Jesus heart was gripped and He spoke to her, “Don’t cry.” And then He defies cultural ways and touches the casket! Jesus’ heart aches when your heart cries. Jesus breaks the rules to get to you. Everything in a broken life can change in an instant. Are you in the mournful crowd or the joyful crowd?

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