The Ten Commandments: Keep Your Hands to Yourself!

The 7th Commandment – Exodus 20:14  Remember! This is not about God trying to be a fun-blocker! These commandments are how to have a great life in community–to live in a world where hurt and destruction does not happen. Imagine a world where no one kills, where no one sleeps with your spouse, where no one lies or steals. You are not free to use each other!! God loves us and He knows what will bring us great relationships.

Our world teaches us selfish sex is perfectly fine. God’s idea of sacred intimacy that brings great pleasure and joy to another is considered foolish. In the Old Testament Jewish community, there were three sins that the community saw as grievous: idolatry, murder, and adultery. Adultery is a picture of spiritual unfaithfulness to God. Jesus teaches us that the sin starts in the heart–you’ve sinned in your heart first.

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