Testimony: Change of Mind, Change of Heart

Nicodemus, John 3 It takes an instant for your heart to be converted. It takes a lifetime to be transformed into Christ’s likeness. Conversion is a change of mind, being re-oriented, re-formatted over time. It is like a plant: it is dead or alive—if alive it will grow to its intended maturity. It requires water, sun, and soil to become what it is meant to be. When Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night, curious about His teaching, Jesus confronts the leader with being changed, converted, born again. This message was not what Nicodemus expected. But it made him think about who Christ really was. And then he was there to bury Him. Has your life changed knowing Christ? Do you have a mind-changing, heart-changing life with Him? Are you growing into who you are meant to be?

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