Spiritual Disciplines: Study and Meditation

Psalm 19 As humans we are studying all the time–the things of life. It has a purpose when we go to God’s Word. It enables us to meet God’s mind; we begin to learn what God is thinking. God seeks to transform us. When we study His Word it brings clarity; the confusion of the world is taken away. The obstacles in our way and the temptations that come are met with His truth. Meditation has been hijacked in America. Christian meditation is a discipline and practice that God asks of us. It fills you with the Holy Spirit. It energizes and prepares you to go out to take action in the world. Meditate on God’s Word. Reflect, ponder, focus purposely on what He is saying to you. Invite God to speak to you when you are not distracted by anything else. Study to know God’s mind. Meditate to connect with God’s heart. Being in the presence of God creates change–positive and real.

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