Spiritual Gifts: Given to Some

God wants you to know what your spiritual gift is. God’s purpose for giving gifts is to encourage and grow His Church. in the diversity of the gifts comes unity, and service, and love. He can add a new gift, in His sovereignty, depending on what is required in His church and where you are and who you are with in His community of believers. All believers are given a gift.

Some are given more than one. No one has all the gifts. They are given to some–for His purposes.  Ephesians 4 speaks powerfully about how God intends for all these gifts to be used. Many people may use their roles, or skills, or experiences to also build up the Church. God uses those as well. Don’t confuse gifts with God’s commands: to serve, bear one another’s burdens, forgive one another, make disciples and many more.

This one thing is very clear: when you use your gift, it creates joy. It produces fruit.


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