Saul Transformed: The Apostle Paul

Acts 9, Acts 22 Saul was convinced he had the truth about how God worked—and he was dead wrong. God intervened. Saul was literally blinded by the Light. God wanted Saul to know the Truth. If you are going to act blind, be blind. Sometimes God has to powerfully get our attention. He chose Saul, now Paul, to be His agent to proclaim salvation to the whole world. There is never anyone out of God’s reach. He has plans for each of one of us. He puts people in our paths to confront us with His good news. Our response, as was Paul’s, needs to be: OK God, You have me, what do you want me to do? Don’t wait until you have to be knocked off your horse and struck blind. God designed you to do something He has planned for you to do. Ask: What am I to do, Lord?

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