My Story: Pastor Patrick Coakley

Acts 1:8 Acts 9:18 I want to share how God redeemed me and by grace gave me an abundant life worth living. Growing up I felt disconnected. Reading was my life. I met a family that treated me like on of their own. When I was 12 they took me to Christian summer camp where Jesus came into my life. But I drifted away from positive Christian influences and sought out all kinds of spiritual ideas. My life became work, play, drugs, my girlfriend, and a friend named Joe. Joe was headed into serious drugs. I had to save him! I had a plan but God had a plan for me instead. With the help of a godly, faithful friend, I confessed I was ruining my life; that I tried and tried to live the Jesus life, but it wasn’t working. His prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit literally took hold of me. That day I was instantly changed—straight, joyful, everything new! Jesus is real! His power is mine!

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