Jonah: Who Knows Jonah

Jonah 3  Five amazing events happen in this chapter. Jonah Survives. God Gives Him Another Chance. Jonah Obeys. The City Believes. God Forgives and Relents.

Most of us struggle with the survival of this guy who lived in a fish for 3 days.  We do not know the mind of God. Our disbelief often is all about us thinking we know better than God.  God used Jonah after his disobedience. He came to him telling him, ‘Are you ready now? Are you ready to obey?’  Jonah hated this city. They were evil. He KNEW God would save them. It was very hard for him to go and obey. But he did. Jonah’s message to Ninevah was very simple and direct. No grandiose sermon or proclamations. They had no reason to believe…but they did. It was all about God working in them. God chose to relent to give them mercy and compassion regardless of their horrible past. If there was hope for Ninevah, there’s hope for you and me.

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