Jonah: Running Away from God

Jonah 1  It’s not about a big fish. It’s not about God’s wrath and fury. This story is a story of God’s grace and mercy. Jonah (who hated the Ninevites) was being put in the center of his worst nightmare. God sent his best, even though Jonah chose disobedience. He didn’t change His plan just because Jonah went in the opposite direction. Jonah’s disobedience created trouble for other people.

Have you ever made an excuse, substituting your own ideas, for what God has asked you to do?  When God calls you to do something, God knows what He is doing, He knows that you are the best for the job. How do you get to that point where you want to flee from God’s presence? We often want to be part of God’s work, but we want it our way. Are you running away?

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