Jonah: Called

When Jonah heard the call he ran. God disciplines him. He prays and gets a second chance. He obeys. And then he was angry.  Why would anyone want to study Jonah, to teach about Jonah, to pay attention to Jonah? He was a loser!

Many pastors have become ‘shopkeepers’ and have left their true calling.   Pastor Pat Coakley tells his journey and his prayer for his calling. He reflects on what Eugene Peterson, author/translator of The Message, has taught him about being called and how Jonah fits in with all of that.

Do you try to bring God down to your size? Do you see God through your troubles? Do you believe a God through your own small self-image lens?  The important work is this: Proclaim who God really is. Proclaim what God says. Focus on the center: Jesus Christ.

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