Holy Spirit: Why We Need Him

(message given March 2013) Luke 1-4, The Acts of the Holy Spirit. Acts 1-2, Acts 19, Matthew 10  In the real Christian life everything is wrapped up around who we are with, who we listen to, with whom we identify. Luke talks continually and constantly about the actions and the power of the Holy Spirit. Many of those who believe in Christ are not quite sure what it means to be “filled with the Holy Spirit”. What is missing? They have been saved, grateful for forgiveness; but they don’t look different, they haven’t experienced the power! There’s More! Some stop with forgiveness; some stop with being born again. There’s More! The evidence: living God’s kind of love. Having a fruitful ministry–doing His work to serve Him in the way You have been designed to serve. Discovering our gifts to do this work helps us find how God has shaped you to do kingdom work. Ministry is something that comes out from you. It can change over your lifetime. So many opportunities abound! You are the equipment! Give in to the power-filled, Spirit-empowered life!

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