Holy Spirit: The Habit of Being Filled

(message given December 2011) I Samuel 19. John 15 and 17. Developing a daily habit is critical for maturing and becoming all we are meant to be. The habits of growing in Christ requires the Spirit in us, the supernatural power of God in us, to worship, pray, forgive. The Holy Spirit shows Who is in charge. The Holy Spirit is God, part of the Trinity. It is absolutely necessary in our lives for salvation, conviction, and empowerment. He indwells in us revealed by God giving us just-the-right-for-us spiritual gifts. He is revealed in us by our spiritual fruit (love, joy, patience, faithfulness, and more). He guides us in a powerful way. He comforts and He gives us, teaches us the Thoughts and Words of God. We are not left on our own! God wants to guide us, fill us, direct us, bless us. With the Holy Spirit you can go way beyond what you could ever dream! Relying on Him becomes a joy. You must seek the Spirit to be in charge. How do you practice the habit of seeking the Holy Spirit? Seeking the fruit and the gifts and the comfort and the guidance on your own is impossible! Just ask!

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