Holy Spirit Come: Supernatural Church

I Corinthians 2 Saint Paul writes Corinth church from deep within his heart. He longs for this church to listen to the Holy Spirit, to follow His leading, to embrace the Holy Spirit’s power. Are you afraid to ask for His supernatural power? He may ask us to do something we aren’t ready to accept or He may not give the answer we don’t want. So we don’t ask. We don’t need to understand everything about God, but we do need to understand this one thing: the Holy Spirit longs to live and work in us. We, as humans can’t grasp this mystery; but we can experience and witness the results. How glorious they are! When you see believers with joyous hearts, praising God and not themselves, and choosing to serve God and others, you are witnessing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in them. Many believers receive Christ to escape condemnation. Are they wanting any real supernatural transformation? Are they still choosing to run their lives? The power of the Holy Spirit is real and God answers in power! That’s part of the supernatural church. God shows up! Why? Because He loves His people. Give us the mind of Christ. Make us a Supernatural Church!

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