Here I Stand: Martin Luther

Romans 1:17 Martin Luther was the brilliant mind of the 16th century. He began searching for the truth that would calm his spirit every since he was a early teenager. His testimony is a powerful example of what God can do in an otherwise ordinary life because God was leading him into a higher calling. Luther was a very devout monk. He worked so hard to be righteous before God. Nothing he did removed his ache inside. As he read Romans, the word FAITH jumped out at him. A revelation came to Luther and changed everything. It was all about belief, it was about faith in Christ, and relationship with God was not about his effort!! He had to share this glorious news; the church of that time needed to hear it! He published his 95 theses, and the world was forever changed. He was labeled a heretic. We got so much from Luther that we take for granted as believers. The common folk were now able to read God’s Word because Luther translated it from Latin to German. He taught that each person, not a saint or the church, could communicate with God directly. His goal was scriptural truth, but his protestations opened the door for all of us today to be right with God through faith alone.

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