Heart Strangely Warmed: John Wesley

In the 1700’s many reforms since Martin Luther were part of the church, but church was lifeless spiritually. This is when John Wesley was born. From a very young age, John knew God had a purpose for him. He was ordained at 22 and along with other young men met regularly, doing very specific studies and practices, searching for godliness¬†and serving those in need. It was more of an intellectual experience. There was no relationship with the Living Christ. They had a method to all of what they did; other began to call them Methodists. He traveled to America as a missionary where he encountered the confident faith of the Moravians. They asked John if he had a personal relationship with Christ. Confused and prodded by the Spirit John went into a period of doubt; he still hungered for a life pleasing to God. Hearing a sermon about Luther’s teaching from Romans, his eyes were opened to God’s presence in his life. His search had everything to do with his own heart. He experienced the Living Christ! He told everyone he met. It changed everything in his life. His works now came from his love for Christ, not just seeking to be good. His heart was strangely warmed.

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