God’s Assurance, My Story: Pastor Maiya Lueptow

I Peter 3:15 There are testimonies that are dramatic and immediately life-changing; testimonies that told of victory over a dangerous lifestyle. My story is pretty tame in comparison. Yet, I know that God’s hand has been constantly in my life.  The verse from I Peter is reminding us to be mindful of what God has done and is doing in your own life and be ready to share it with another who needs to hear your story. As a young teen I accepted Christ in my life at camp. But it was a quiet acceptance and I rarely talked about this experience except with my family. When our family began to attend Hillside Church, my pastor encouraged me to consider going into pastoral ministry. At this same time I began to visit with a dear friend who was dying of cancer and his whispered words spoke God’s call to me. My husband’s affirmation sealed the deal. I was very unsure of being qualified, being able. Through solitary, heartfelt prayer I was reassured–a deep sense of peace and assurance that God would always guide me; and He has faithfully assured and guided me through my faith journey. Most dramatically when I have struggled with anxiety. Although feeling helpless, God provided love and assurance through my family and friends. Learning to rest in God’s presence was a challenge for someone who believed that performance was what God wanted. My relationship with God was changed. I finally accepted His unconditional love.

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