Ethiopians, Eunuchs, Evangelists

Acts 8 Philip and the Ethiopian. Why would the treasurer of the Ethiopian queen travel 1200 miles to worship God in Jerusalem? A man who was a eunuch, a man without a family, a man rejected by society, and a man with only one job–to guard the treasures of his queen longed to find a place in the temple to worship. But he was turned away. God was seeking this Ethiopian, and He used the unsuspecting Philip. An angel commanded him into a desolate desert. Why? There was no one there, except a lonely, rejected foreigner in a chariot. He had gone 1200 miles to ask about the book of Isaiah; no one cared.  A lone man came out of no where in the desert and explained the words. The eunuch had tried to understand the words about a suffering, rejected servant. Philip told him it was about Jesus and told him of Christ’s death and resurrection. The eunuch knew Christ was the answer he had been searching for, and he was overjoyed. He returned home telling others of Christ–and the world changed forever. Ethiopia became the birthplace of the Christian Coptic Church, the oldest Christian church. This meeting was not an accident. God had a plan. What might be God calling you to do? One unlikely person in one unlikely place, unexpected, but God-directed and God-empowered.

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