Being His Church: Raise Your Praise

Psalm 115  This Psalm was perhaps written as a liturgy of praise. You  will become who or what you trust. This psalm is also a warning against idols in our lives.

There is an impotence inherent in idols. When you trust idols you will become like them: blind, deaf, lame and finally dying. There are many idols in our world today, in our country today. The human heart is an idol factory! What is your idol? Comfort, success, regret, escaping pain, wealth, prestige, children, a significant other?

God is a powerful protection. He is characterized by what He can do: He can lead us to a full life. He can lead us, His Church to become who we are called to be: the priesthood of believers!  Learn Who God Is! Learn what Christ offers!

Who do you praise? Your idol? or Christ? When we give praise, trust is born, trust becomes a way to be His Church. Our greatest idol to fight is this: Self – Our Trust in Self.  It is an idol and it does lead to spiritual and perhaps physical death as well. Lift your praise Church. Seek to Trust the One who heals and has defeated death.


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