Being His Church: Love Your Enemies

Matthew 5:43-48 Jesus spoke about an aspect of Christian perfection, of our holiness as new and restored people in Christ. But this message was and still is really hard to swallow: Love Your Enemies. Do Good To Those Who Hate You. Sound impossible? It goes against our nature. This is something extra-ordinary to ask of us. Following Christ requires us to break through our own self and needs. It requires super-natural love. This only comes from the Holy Spirit. One way to change your heart towards people who have hurt you, or those who disgust you, or those who speak ideas that you see as ungodly or evil is this: Pray for them. God is completing us, making us like Him. Real change is possible. Pray for your enemies, greet them with love, do something good for them. Ask God to put specific people on your heart and watch what He can do!

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