Leadership in the Church: Leadership According to Jude

Jude 1-7  Jude was a brother of James, and also the biological brother of Jesus. He along with his brother James was a leader of the early church This short letter is full of encouragement and wisdom for leaders in the Church.  You are loved by God and kept for Jesus Christ. The Church is to be a positive place, a place that offers God’s love, grace, and mercy in abundance. The Church is the family, a place to be welcomed openly; but it can get messy because we are human. Jude warns against what can lead a church away from God’s purpose for her.  Be on guard against false leaders who preach ‘cheap grace’. Be on guard against those that do not declare Christ Jesus and the Only Sovereign Lord. Jude warns against leaders that will lead your heart astray, that will lead you away from your faith.  Jude warns against how you use your gift of free will.  How will you choose to live? How will you choose to lead?  With God’s mercy, peace and love!

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